Mike Selby Three Oaks, MI
"I ordered the AE185 several years back. Couldn't be more pleased. Simply put, the best craftmanship, playability, and tone. Amazing intonation for an acoustic bridge which means no saddles to adjust,ever! The stainless steel frets are always shiny and don't wear and are more than worth the price so if it's the only option you order, do it, you'll never need a fret job in your lifetime. Very versatile guitar. God Bless you all at Carvin."

Gary Sintes Palm Harbor, FL
"What an awesome instrument! After 40 years and dozens of guitars, I feel almost guilty to have such a fine exquisite guitar. The beautiful figured walnut top with the Holdsworth humbuckers and all the other AE185 goodies provide me with more eye candy and sonic joy than I probably deserve but I'll take it!!! I'd write more but I'd rather play my AE185... Great work, Carvin!!!"

Dave Berland California
"Had the honor of adding to my Carvin Collection this week. I had my eye on building a AE185 for some time now, but never had the chance to get an order in. I knew what I wanted by the months of Carvin catalogs that come to my home. and by looking at options and seeing different setups online I thought now is the time. Before I was going to put in my order I thought I would give my friend Manny at Covina a call and see what he might have in stock that I could try out. The call was made and with three in stock I was on my way. I fought with So Cal traffic out to Covina to get that last push on getting an order made. Well to make a long story short. - The Gods must have been working overtime this past week end for when I walked into the store I was shocked to see MY guitar hanging on the wall. The one I would have ordered, the color, the neck, the hardware, the headstock, the finish - some one hold me back. I could not believe it. It was as if someone down in San Diego was seeing my dreams. now that's a strange thought. But there it was. I stood there for a moment just looking at it. I know this seems strange but only those who own a Carvin know what is means to see your dream machine hanging there. I do own an few other Carvins, my first love is a DC120 - a TL60 and the Cobalt C980TMW acoustic 6 and Cobalt C980T 12. Also a LB75 Bass with a Red line Amp, along with a few amps SX200, MTS3212, AG100D and making it all sound good a RX1200 PA. I Love Carvin stuff its a weekness a sickness with no cure. and Manny at Covina is no help. He just stands there and smiles at you as you are drawn into the world of Quilted Maple. Anyway to draw this to a close. I did not order an AE185. no need for that it was right in front of me. Words can not express the feel nor the warmth of the sound of this guitar. I knew it would be special but never in my wildest dreams could imagine the versatility of this guitar. I look forward to each moment I can spend with this great work of art. Carvin, with out a doubt from the first class factory, to the show room, to all your employees and the final product. Each Guitar and Equipment that is made and sold is done with pride and true class. I have dealt with Carvin since 9/2/04 when I bought my first Carvin the DC120, Manny sold me that one also, and I hope - wife willing - this AE185 will not be my last. Thank you to all at Carvin for the vision and your Integrity. But my wife wants you to stay out of my dreams please Dave Berland Psalm 98:4-5"

Dow Smith Benton, IL
"I'd been playing Gibson Les Pauls for over 28 years until I ordered a custom shop AE 185. Never again, my AE185 is the best playing, best sounding and best looking guitar I've ever owned. Thanks Carvin for a great piece of equipment."

William R. Crabtree Cape Cod, MA.
"Iím 65 years old, and have been playing guitar most of my life. Recently through an un-related business deal, I ended up with a custom AE185. Truly, an amazing instrument. I canít remember ever having an instrument that played as easy, and smooth as this one. The availability of various sounds with this instrument is outstanding. So much that I purchased a AG100D, and a SX100 to use with it. The only up setting thing to me, was that it took me most of my 65 years to discover Carvin. What I could have done in my earlier years if I had such a fine instrument."

Murray Jacques New Zealand
"I bought this guitar 1 week ago thru your NZ distributor, Jansen Sound. I play in a classic-modern rock/pop band, and have replaced my SG Gibson and Ibanez acoustic with this axe. What can I say? I guess just THANK YOU for making this beautifully crafted, superb sounding, incredibly versatile, wonderful feeling instrument. Oh, and thanks for my equally excellent BelAir."

Michael Green Roseville CA
"Without a doubt, the most awesome guitar I've ever owned. The sounds that come from this guitar are just incredible."

John Mathews Keller,Texas
"This guitar is awesome! The quality is second to none. I love this guitar so much I'm gonna buy a DC-400 model. Thanks Carvin! You guys are true craftsmen."

Jay K Larkin Chicago IL
"The longer I play this guitar, the more it inspires me musically and takes me in new directions. Plug into the acoustic, electric, or even both amps at the same time; each option gives me incredible tone without the use of any boxes. I even plug it into one, but most of the time two channels in my PA800. It is sensational mixing in different effects on each channel. It makes me wonder why I have spent altogether more money on the other guitars I have accumulated in the past, when all I had to do was get this one. Workmanship and quality...fantastic. Two words describe this model...Pure Sweetness!"

Dennis Logan Raeford, NC
"I own both the AE185 and the AE185-12 and after years of pro touring and recording I can honestly say that the Carvin AE185 is without a doubt the best sounding easiest playing guitar I have ever used. I own a large collection of Gibson, Fender, Rickenbacker and others, I never play them since I bought these two stellar guitars. Easy on my torn up shoulder, easy on my finger and simply the fastest and easiest playing guitar I have ever seen, heard, played period. The craftsmanship is flawless and the electronics are second to none."

David James Northern California
"This is a great story!! I was playing my AE185 Saturday with a wireless unit. The stage was about a foot off the ground (outside) and the entire surrounding area was gravel. I went to step of the side of the stage and tripped on some cables and went flying. I landed full weight face down in the gravel ON TOP of the guitar. I was dazed, but got back up. Except for some scratches and chips, the guitar was undamaged and was also still in tune!! That is some solid construction. Hard to believe!"

Jim Davis Murrieta, CA
"Not only is this guitar beautiful but the action is low and fast. Carvin has a great support team to help with any questions. USA and affordable. Fantastic guitars."

Charles Fitzpatrick Street, MD
"I bought the AE185, I do small jobs with a Carvin C750T, I have found on the larger jobs there is always the possibility of feedback from the amp when the tone is good. I put the same strings on the AE185, I found that this was a way to never have feedback & still have the acoustic sound. I think this is a way for acoustic players & electric players to have the best of both worlds. The acoustic strings on the AE185 was the best. You will be amazed at how this sounds!"

John Saviano Los Angeles, CA
"Well, this is a pleasure to write as I have only the highest praise for this finely crafted versatile guitar. I have owned 335's, Les Paul, Strats, Teles, Ibanez, Epiphone Les Pauls, SGs and some I probablt just can't remember. A friend of mine had an AE185 and I finally ponied up and ordered one from the custom shop. THERE IS NOTHING THAT THIS GUITAR DOESN'T EXCEL AT. NOTHING! I will probably purchase more guitars in my life but I don't need to. This is the perfectr guitar for me and I can't imagine ever being actually good enough to grow tired of it. I could seriously write a very long review, but this guitar is the end-game for me. When I tell people I have a Carvin probably 50% don't even know the model. Personally I am glad. When they hear the guitar I would say 50% of them go to the Hollywood Carvin store to play one. This is the best instrument I have ever owned and I mean it when I say that if I was penniless and homeless I would be carrying this around this guitar with me. Carvin is a great company. I also bought a Cobalt 12 string which is likewise outstanding. Thanks Carvin. Your praise is justified and just keep getter better."

Mike Darley Florida
"I've had my AE-185 for about 6 years now, and I could be happier with it. I'd never played a hybrid guitar before and was skeptical as to whether it had a "real" acoustic sound. From the first time I plugged it in I was thrilled. In the past 6 years I've numerous people ask what kind of pedal/effect I was running to get the acoustic sound from the electric. I can't tell you the number of people I've had tell me that my guitar shouldn't sound so good for both acoustic and electric. Six years and I'm still thrilled every time I play it. Thanks Carvin."

Steve Mautz Ohio
"Since 1999 I have been making my own guitars with Carvin's NT kit necks and recently, I finally broke down and ordered an AE185. When I first saw the AE185 in the catalog years ago, immediately I was curious. It seemed to stand out over all of the other models with its features and price tag. Everything about this guitar is top notch. It has more of an electric guitar feel to it and for me, that's a plus. With the S22s, it loosley sounds like a Les Paul and the piezo has a nice "plugged in" sound. With the blend knob, coil splitters, phase switch, and 3-way toggle, I can get any sound I want. The AE185 is the most versatile guitar I have ever played. I highly recommend this guitar to anyone of any playing style. It really does "do it all"! Oh yeah, it looks absolutely gorgeous! Dragonburst Quilt Maple top/headstock, Rosewood fretboard, Abalone dot inlay and Carvin logo, CT headstock, stainless steel frets, S22B & S22J pickups, etc."

Jonathan Bujan Trinidad & Tobago
"I bought my AE185 because I play in my church's band and the lure of a guitar that delivers such great tone on both sides of the spectrum was too good to pass up. I use it with an ancient Fender twin reverb full tube amp that i converted to a head and cab. The speakers are celestion 12s (4 of them) and the entire combination sounds beautiful. I love running it acoustic, electic or mixed with only the reverb on the amp cranked up. When you throw an effect module into the mix and run the electric through it the distortion sonds crazy. I've never regretted buying this guitar, and I'll recommend it to anyone."

Don Coyer Savannah, GA
"I love the AE185. I have used it almost exclusively as an acoustic guitar replacement for live use and studio. The guitar only weighs 6 lbs, which is great, because I have a neck injury, but the amazing thing is the playability and sound of this guitar. I've used it extensively in the studio and I can plug it in direct and in the mix, or even soloed, it sounds more like an actual acoustic guitar than any I've heard. Even soloed, you have to listen to be sure. I put the heaviest (medium) strings I could fit onto this guitar to make it feel more like an acoustic, and it's the most playable guitar I've owned. I've played in bands, solo, and operate a recording studio, music has been my living for close to 40 years, so I've played them all. I love Carvin guitars."

John A Showler Bergen, NY
"This guitar continues to sound and play great, both acoustically and electrically. I used to carry 2 guitars with me whenever I'd play, but that's no longer the case with this guitar. My rig is set up so that the electric sent to a Carvin Nomad 1-12 combo (Great little amp after a couple of modifications) while the acoustic send goes direct to the mixer. This is a fun, reliable guitar and a pleasure to play the Carvin team was a pleasure to work with during the build and after the sale as well. Made in USA!!!"

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