All Carved Top Models Rebadged Under the Kiesel Brand

Kiesel Carved Top GuitarsEffective May 1st, 2016, all Carvin Guitars California Carved Top models will carry the Kiesel headstock logo standard. This is part of the ongoing transition from the old Carvin name to the new Kiesel Guitars brand. This includes all CT and CS models, as well as the SH550 and SH575 semi-hollow carved top models.

Additionally, all solidbody Carved Top models will now have Kiesel Lithium pickups standard, and Lithiums will be offered on any instrument that features our Classic Series or other humbuckers. Lithium pickups have proven to be hugely popular with players as well as the industry, and we feel like these pickups will give you the tone your looking for on your new Carved Top guitar.

Lastly, the CT74 is being re-named as the CT73, to be consistent with the 6-string carved top models. It will have no top wood, but optional top woods like plain koa, plain walnut, maple and ash can be added. Both the CT7 and the CT73 will now have a mahogany neck and body standard, also to bring these guitars in line with the 6-string models. The CT7 comes with a 4A flamed maple top standard, and can be upgraded with 4A quilted maple, flamed koa, figured California Claro walnut, zebrawood, or other exotic top woods.

Whether your new guitar is a Carvin-badged or Kiesel-badged model, you’ll be getting the highest-quality, made in the USA instrument you can own. All Carvin and Kiesel instruments are made by our skilled craftsmen at our southern California facility from premium quality materials, with the highest possible tolerances and unsurpassed attention to detail.

Visit today, and check out all the Carvin and Kiesel guitars and basses. Made in the USA quality, the highest quality components and unbeatable direct prices make these the best instruments available on the market today – order yours and see for yourself!

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