Behind the Scenes With the Jason Becker Tribute JB24 from Carvin Guitars

Kiesel Guitars and the Carvin Guitars Custom Shop has created a detailed video showing the craftsmanship that goes into building the JB24 Jason Becker Tribute Guitar. You can see for yourself how the Custom Shop shapes the body and neck, installs the unique multi-colored "numbers" inlays, installs the electronics and complete the setup. It's an interesting behind-the-scenes look that shows just what goes into building these exciting instruments.


The JB24 Jason Becker Tribute Guitar recreates one of Jason’s favorite instruments, and stands out in a crowd of other bolt-neck guitars. With a 25.5″, 24 fret fingerboard, the JB24 takes you where most other bolt-neck guitars can’t – plus it has an amazing list of standard features including multi-colored “numbers” inlays on a maple fingerboard, stainless steel frets, multi-colored Seymour Duncan pickups in an H-S-H configuration and premium 1-piece swamp ash body with maple neck, all tung-oiled. A multi-colored Carvin headstock logo, red buttons on Carvin locking tuners and a single orange volume knob completes the package.

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