Ebony Fingerboards Now Standard on all Kiesel Guitar and Bass Models

ebonyThe Kiesel Guitars USA Custom Shop is excited to announce that effective December 1st 2016, ebony fingerboards will be standard on all Custom Shop models, including replacement necks and guitar & bass kits. Kiesel Guitars/Carvin Guitars has famously used more expensive ebony as our standard fingerboard wood on most models since the 1970s, and we’re pleased to make this the standard wood on everything from this point forward.

Ebony is an extremely dense, hard wood ideally suited for use in fingerboards for it’s durability and longevity. It’s a highly articulate wood, providing extremely good high-end on guitars and punch on basses, while being easy to play for extended periods due to its smoothness. Due to its strength, ebony fingerboards can also contribute to the overall rigidity of a guitar or bass neck.

Because of its hardness, ebony is generally more difficult to work with during the construction of an instrument, and it’s also considerably more expensive than most other fingerboard woods, which is why many manufacturers don’t use it, especially as a standard wood. However, after many years of experience building guitars and basses with ebony fingerboards, the Custom Shop has made the decision to offer this superior wood as a standard feature on all our instruments.

We have several varieties of ebony available. In addition to our standard ebony, which is mostly black and may have some color variation, we offer our EFB black ebony fingerboard, which is hand-selected to have the least amount of color variation. If you prefer a fingerboard with a great deal of character, check out our REF royal ebony fingerboard, which has similar qualities as our black ebony fingerboards, but is very colorful, with grain patterns varying from light to dark brown to black. Unlike many manufacturers, the Custom Shop does not dye or stain our ebony wood – what you’ll get is the natural wood pattern and color on your ebony fingerboard.

Whether you choose ebony, royal ebony or our other fingerboard options such as flamed maple, zebrawood, or our exclusive Kiesel Treated Fingerboards, the Kiesel Guitars USA Custom Shop can build you a guitar or bass that you’ll be thrilled to play and own, all in about 10 weeks, and at a direct price that simply cannot be beat. If you've been thinking about a new guitar or bass, we encourage you to check out the many examples of the instruments we've built on our official Facebook or Instagram pages, and visit KieselGuitars.com or call us at (858) GUITARS to design and order your dream instrument.

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