Happy Birthday, Jason Becker!

Happy Birthday Jason Becker

Jason Becker celebrated his 43rd birthday this past Sunday in his hometown of Richmond, California with family, friends and fans. Guitar Player magazine, Carvin staffers and local press were also in attendance. The celebration included two screenings of the award-winning documentary movie Jason Becker – Not Dead Yet. Both afternoon and evening screenings were sold to the venue’s capacity, with some people seated on the floor in the theater. After each screening Jason made himself available for Q & A. He graciously answered any and all questions – sometimes with fun sarcasm, displaying his wonderful personality and sense of humor. When asked “what new shred guitarists do you like?”, Jason jokingly answered “they all suck” but then gave credit to guitarists such as Guthrie Govan and Jeff Loomis.  Despite his ongoing battle with ALS, Jason was upbeat and happy as he shared his birthday with his guests.

Happy Birthday Jason BeckerJason brought along some guitars from his collection to display on the theater stage. Many fans drooled over his late 80’s era Carvin guitars as well as his new JB200C Tribute model. For his birthday, Carvin presented Jason with a JB200C made in the color scheme of his favorite NFL team, the San Francisco 49ers. The guitar body was painted in Metallic Candy Red and sported white pickups with black bezels and gold hardware. Of all the guitars on display, the crowd voted on which was the coolest by applauding. The loudest applause was for Jason’s newest Metallic Candy Red guitar.

In response to customer's requests, and due to the popularity of Jason's new Candy Red model, Carvin will now be offering the JB200SC Standard, which enables players and fans to order Jason’s Tribute Model without a Flame Maple top, allowing for solid and translucent colors from Carvin’s Custom Shop. Like the JB200C, a Floyd Rose tremolo with locking nut, flamed maple fingerboard with abalone dot inlays, pointed inline headstock, tung-oiled neck and active electronics are standard features.  Chrome hardware is standard, and a wide assortment of standard solid finishes, optional translucent finishes and other options are available.

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