How to Clean Maple Guitar Fingerboards with Jeff Kiesel

How to Clean Maple Guitar Fingerboards

Maple fingerboards have a great classic look, but they get dirty. Jeff Kiesel walks you through how to make your maple fingerboard look like new in this video on YouTube. A clean fingerboard can breathe fresh life into your guitar or bass, and has the added benefit of polishing the fretwire at the same time. Even if you have an ebony, rosewood or other fingerboard wood that doesn't show the dirt as much as maple, you should still clean it periodically – it's good for the wood, and getting rid of the fingerboard gunk will improve playability. Don't be afraid of cleaning your fingerboard – Jeff will walk you through it, step by step, in this detailed video!

The Kiesel Guitars USA Custom Shop offers numerous fingerboard wood options: standard ebony, as well as rosewood, zebrawood, royal ebony, plain maple, birdseye maple and flamed maple. Have something else in mind? We may be able to run down other exotic woods, if there's something you have your heart set on – just give us a call at (858) GUITARS and let us know what you're looking for. Additionally, you can order our exclusive Kiesel Treated Fingerboards, which are stained to match (or contrast) the color of your instrument. To finish off your
fingerboard, the Custom Shop offers a complete selection of inlay shapes and materials, including genuine abalone, glow-in-the-dark Luminlay and acrylic in assorted colors, and fretwire in various sizes and materials.

No matter what your playing style or personal tastes are, the Custom Shop can make your ideal electric guitar, acoustic/electric guitar or bass, perfectly suited for you and your gig. Kiesel Custom Shop guitars and basses are covered by a 5-year limited warranty, and come with a no-risk 10-day in home trial period, so you can give your new instrument a real-world tryout.

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