Kiesel Passive Lithium Series Humbucker Pickups

Kiesel Passive Lithium Series Humbucker PickupsKiesel Guitars and the Carvin Guitars Custom Shop is now offering our new Kiesel Passive Lithium Series humbuckers as replacement parts. These are the same pickups that have been used in some of our popular new models, such as the DC800 and Vader. Bridge and neck models are available, in 6, 7 and 8 string configurations.

Lithium Series humbucker pickups were made for the demanding modern music where clarity, focus and articulation is needed. From standard to drop tuning, this series offers great versatility and has an excellent balance between power and clarity. Patented six point star headed (also known as Torx) adjustable pole pieces give the proper amount of mass to add the needed focus and get amazing attack. The expensive Alnico V magnets produce a rich, powerful sound with warmth that is not available from less expensive ceramic magnets. The Kiesel pickups were designed in house and are proudly made in our Southern California Custom Shop. These feature one coil loaded with adjustable pole pieces and the other coil loaded with non-adjustable slugs. Lithium Series pickups feature industry standard sizing so these are direct replacements for brands such as Duncan, Dimarzio, Bare Knuckle, and Lundgren.

The standard color is black, but white coils, cream coils and zebra coils (white/black or cream/black) arealso available. The 6-string versions can also be ordered with black or cream mounting bezels.

For a limited time, we're offering these new pickups as a free upgrade on any humbucker-equipped Custom Shop guitar that has our 22-pole pickups standard. California Carved Tops, DC neck-through models, 7-sring models – order now, and we'll install a set of our new Lithium pickups…FREE! This is a limited-time free upgrade, so get your order in soon so you don't miss out.

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