Limited Edition Jason Becker Vader JBV6

Kiesel Limited Edition Jason Becker Vader JBV6To kick off Kiesel Guitars’ 1st Anniversary, as well as the 70th Anniversary of the founding of Kiesel/Carvin Guitars, we’ve taken two of our most acclaimed models, and put them together in one unique, limited edition guitar that’s sure to blow you away. In conjunction with longtime friend and virtuoso artist Jason Becker, we’ve combined the style of his Jason Becker Tribute JB24 “Numbers” Guitar with the design and construction of the wildly popular Vader V6 Headless Guitar. The result is the Limited Edition Jason Becker Vader JBV6, which combines the unique look and features of the JB24, with the lightweight, headless design of the Vader.

The JBV6 has the unique features of the JB24, including a swamp ash body, multi-colored Seymour Duncan pickups (including Jason’s signature “Perpetual Burn” pickup in the bridge) in an H-S-H configuration, multi-colored “Numbers” inlays on a maple fingerboard, multi-colored logo, and master volume with an orange knob. These features are combined with the construction of the Vader: maple neck-through design, chambered body, and aggressive body beveling. And, of course, the headless design that customers and the industry have raved about. Limited finishes are available; you can choose from Clear, White White, Black, Ferrari Red, Kiesel Racing Green, Kiesel Racing Orange, McLaren Yellow, Grabber Blue, or Hot Pink with the top coat in either Satin Matte or Clear Gloss.

The JBV6 is a Limited Edition model, and will only be available through January 31st, 2016. It’s sure to be an instant collectible, so order yours today! Comes complete with Certificate of Authenticity, signed by Mark Kiesel & Jeff Kiesel.

Because of the Limited Edition nature of this guitar, there will be no returns/refunds. The JBV6 is made at the Kiesel Guitars Custom Shop in San Diego, California, and is covered by Kiesel Guitars’ 5-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Like other Jason Becker models, a portion of the proceeds from these instruments go directly to Jason and his family to help with his special needs.

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