Multiscale May!

Kiesel Guitars Multiscale MayThe month of May is not just another stop on the calendar on the way to summer, it’s Multiscale May with Kiesel Guitars! For a limited time in May, we're offering an additional $100 discount on all multiscale instruments: Vader Series, Aries Series, Solo Series, DCM Series, Chris Letchford Signature Series, Vanquish Series guitars, even Kiesel 70th Anniversary K-Series and Vanquish Series basses!

If you’ve been thinking of trying a multiscale instrument, now is the time to act! Multiscale fanned-fret instruments have been around for quite some time, and the Kiesel Guitars Custom Shop performed extensive R & D in creating our multiscale guitars. The advantage of a multiscale fanned-fret instrument over a traditional instrument is that the lower baritone strings have a greater string tension thanks to the longer scale length found on that side of the fretboard, while allowing faster playing on the treble side, which has a more traditional scale. However, because of the different gauges of strings used in conjunction with the varying scale length, the lower strings will produce more defined sounds, and the entire instrument will produce more consistent tone.

Kiesel Guitars offers a variety of multiscale fanned-fret guitars, in six-string, seven-string and eight-string neck-through, bolt-on neck and headless configurations, as well as 4 and 5-string bolt-neck multiscale basses. Standard passive Kiesel Lithium pickups (guitars) and Kiesel Radium pickups (basses), Hipshot™ solo saddles, and a huge assortment of body & neck woods, fingerboard woods, inlays, fretwire and other USA Custom Shop options allow you to create the instrument you want, versus the one the retailer has on the shelf, and during Multiscale May, you can save more, on top of our factory-direct pricing. Check out all of Kiesel Guitars’ multiscale instruments, and let us build your next masterpiece.

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