New Andy James AJ6E & AJ7E Signature Guitars

Kiesel Andy James Signature GuitarsDebuting at this year’s NAMM Show is the new Andy James Signature 6 and 7 string guitars. The AJ6E and AJ7E are based on the Crescent Series, with a unique set of limited options chosen by Andy to suit his playing style, as well has his personal tastes. These guitars are ergonomic and sleek, with set-thru neck construction that provides amazing sustain along with awesome playability, especially high on the fingerboard, thanks to a minimal neck heel.

The AJ6E and AJ7E have an alder body, maple top and 5-piece maple neck, and are finished in jet black, with a clear satin top coat. You can choose from a limited selection of California burst colors, and the pickups and Andy James signature inlays will match the finish (or you can choose the No Inlays options, along with several other inlay styles).

Other notable features include an EverTune F-Model bridge, which has patented saddles that balances the individual tension of each string, so that once your guitar is tuned, it stays tuned, regardless of how hard you play. It also offers perfect intonation on every note throughout the fretboard, even in varying conditions that can cause the neck or strings to expand or contract.

In addition, the AJ Series comes equipped with our new Kiesel Polarity active humbuckers with black poles, a single volume control, and 5-way blade-style pickup selector. Hardware is black.

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