New Beryllium Pickups and Other New Pickup Options

New Kiesel Guitars Beryllium PickupsThe Kiesel Guitars USA Custom Shop is excited to announce our newest pickups, the Beryllium Series. Available in bridge & neck humbucker, as well as a single-coil version, these pickups are now standard equipment in all SH Series semi-hollow guitars, all CT and CS Series California Carved Top guitars, the AE185 and AE185-12 acoustic/electric guitars, and in the bridge position of the Frank Gambale Signature FG1 (alongside the FG1N neck pickup). They are available as a no-charge option on many other Kiesel models.

Passive Beryllium Series pickups were personally designed by Mark Kiesel, and use quality Alnico II magnets and vintage style windings to produce classic guitar tones, well-suited to any playing style. Physically, they look the same as Kiesel’s acclaimed Lithium Series pickups. Click on the video below to hear the amazing tone these new pickups produce.

Additionally, the Custom Shop has added some new pickup options. First up, you can now order different colored pickup poles, to match your hardware. Standard pickup poles are silver, and you can order black or gold poles on any Kiesel Lithium or Beryllium Series pickup, including replacement pickups.

We’ve also added metal pickup covers, also available with Lithium or Beryllium pickups, on standard scale 6 and 7 string guitars. These covers have the classic “exposed pole” look, for that vintage vibe, as well as for preserving the adjustability of the individual polepieces. Metal covers are also available on replacement pickups.

Fishman Modern FluenceLastly, we’ve added the Fishman Modern Fluence pickups as options on Kiesel Zeus and Osiris models. This pickup set includes an alnico neck pickup, ceramic bridge pickup, 3-way blade selector, and 25K Fishman pots with volume and push/pull for tone change. Fishman Fluence pickups have none of the hum, noise and inductance issues that some wire-wound pickups can have — revealing pure, uncorrupted and musical tone.

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