New Color Shift Finishes & 7-Piece Necks

Kiesel Guitars Custom Shop Color Shift Finishes

The Kiesel Guitars Custom Shop has added some exciting new options you can add to your new guitar or bass.

First up, new color-shifting finishes. These cool finishes actually change color, depending on how light is hitting them, making them really stand out on stage. There are two finishes to choose from: Green to Gold Color Shift (code PSGG; shown at far left), which shifts from green to gold. The other is Blue to Purple Color Shift (PSBP; near left), which shifts from purple to blue. These finishes look especially good on beveled models, like out Aries and Vader Series guitars.

Additionally, we’ve added two 7-piece neck options that were previously only available on Kiesel Special Editions and 70th Anniversary K-Series Guitars. These are 7-Piece Maple-Walnut-Mahogany-Maple (7MWH), and 7-Piece Walnut-Purpleheart-Maple-Walnut (7WPM). Both of these new necks will enhance the looks of any instruments, and these in particular will really dress up your new guitar or bass.

Kiesel Guitars Custom Shop 7-Piece Necks

Whether your new guitar or bass is dressed up with our new finishes and necks, or you choose something more conservative, a Kiesel Guitars Custom Shop guitar or bass is the highest-quality, made in the USA instrument you can own. All Carvin and Kiesel instruments are made by our skilled craftsmen at our southern California facility from premium quality materials, with the highest possible tolerances and unsurpassed attention to detail.

Visit today, and check out all our guitar and bass models. Made in the USA quality, the highest quality components and unbeatable direct prices make these the best instruments available on the market today – order yours and see for yourself! The Custom Shop can also work with you on special one-off options – check out our Kiesel Guitars Facebook and Kiesel Guitars Instagram to see some amazing examples of the custom work we’ve done.

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