New Custom Shop Finishes for 2017; Luminlay Super Blue Side Dots Now Standard

newfinishes2017The Kiesel Guitars USA Custom Shop is excited to announce several new finish options for 2017! There are 4 new, no charge solid finishes: British Racing Green (far left), Blood Red (left, center), Light Blue and Light Pink. These finishes can be used in conjunction with any non-figured top wood, and can be topped with matte satin clear coat or high gloss. We’ve also added Grape Jelly Metallic (near right) to our list of optional metallic solid finishes. Like our other new finishes, this new metallic finish can be used on any non-figured wood.

Kiesel Guitars offers dozens of finishes on our guitars and basses, ranging from our standard no charge solid finishes, to optional metallic, translucent, Color Shift, flamed and quilted finishes. No matter how your tastes run, the Custom Shop has a finish that will suit you.

In addition, effective January 1st 2017, our Luminlay Super Blue side dots are now standard equipment on every neck we make. Custom Shop guitars and basses, kits and replacement necks will all now be equipped with these glow-in-the-dark side position markers. We use the side dots with a black ring, so they are visible even on maple fingerboards. Luminlay side dots are ideal for dark stages, and dimly-lit studios, making it easy to find your place on the fingerboard. Order your new Kiesel Custom Shop guitar of bass today, and see for yourself!

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