New for 2017: Amos Williams AW5 5-String Headless Bass

Kiesel Amos Williams AW5 5-String Headless BassKiesel Guitars has teamed up with TesseracT bassist Amos Williams to design and build the Vader AW5 Amos Williams Signature headless bass. Amos is well known, especially in prog circles, and in his native UK, having toured extensively with the band in support of their 2015 release, Polaris. Amos is particularly noted for his unique slapping/thumb technique, and the AW5 was designed with his playing style in mind.

This 5-string bass is similar to the Vader VB5, but with a few notable differences, including a 34″ scale 23-fret fingerboard (removing the 24th fret to accommodate Amos’ playing style), and a single high output HB series humbucker. Like other Vader headless basses, the AW5 Signature headless bass is constructed from premium woods, not composites, so its tone isn’t a radical departure from our traditional models. The AW5 headless bass is made in the USA, and loaded with features, along with having Kiesel Guitars full compliment of Custom Shop options available. It’s boutique instrument, without the boutique price, because Kiesel Guitars sells directly to you. You can build your AW5 5-string bass exactly the way you want it, and be the proud owner of an instrument that will last you a lifetime.

Electronics on the AW5 consist of Kiesel Guitars’ 18V active/passive module with master volume, master tone/coil splitter and stacked concentric bass/treble cut/boost. A single HB5 alnico humbucker is positioned right in the sweet spot, producing amazing tones with loads of bottom-end punch.

The AW5 can be fully customized by choosing from the Custom Shop’s large assortment of optional woods, finishes, fingerboard, inlays and more. No matter what your playing style or personal design aesthetic is, Kiesel Guitars can build an instrument for you that will be a joy to play.

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