New Inlay Options!

newinlays-vertYou’ve seen the new inlays that have come out of the Kiesel Guitars Custom Shop over the past months, and now you can order these online for you new guitar or bass! We’ve added Green Acrylic, Blue Acrylic, Red Acrylic and Pink Acrylic, alongside our popular Black Acrylic. These can be ordered on dot, diamond or block inlays. We’ve also added Luminlay Super Blue inlays for dots and diamonds, which glow in the dark, and look great in conjunction with our Luminlay Super Blue side dots.

In addition to these new materials, we’ve also added new inlay shapes. There have been many requests over the years for offset dots, and we’re excited to offer these in two configurations; offset along the top edge of the fingerboard, and staggered, where the inlays above the 12th fret are along the top of the fingerboard, and below the 12th are at the bottom of the fingerboard. Offset dots can also be combined with our new K Series inlay, which the Custom Shop designed for use on the 70th Anniversary K-Series Guitars. The K Series inlays feature a “K” logo at the 12th fret, and can be ordered with offset dots, staggered offset dots, or by itself. We’ve also added 12th fret-only dots, diamonds or blocks, for a more minimalist aesthetic. All of our new inlays are also available in genuine abalone or mother-of-pearl.

To make ordering your new inlays more intuitive, we’ve also re-worked the whole inlay process on the online Guitar Builder. First, you select your shape, such as diamonds or blocks, then you select the material or color you want. Note that not all inlays are available on all models, and not all materials are available on all shapes.

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