New Kiesel Ultra V7 7-String Guitar

Kiesel Guitars Ultra V and Ultra V7The Kiesel Guitars Custom Shop is excited to respond to numerous customer requests by debuting the new Ultra V7 7-string guitar! The Ultra V, V220 and X220 Series have been among our most popular instruments since the 1980s, and we’re pleased to expand the lineup with this exciting new instrument. Standard features include an alder body with neck-through maple neck, ebony fingerboard with white dot inlays, 4 X 3 pointed headstock, and a tune-o-matic M-bridge with string through the body. A Hipshot™ fixed bridge or Floyd Rose tremolo can also be selected. Electronics consist of a pair of Kiesel Passive Lithium Series humbuckers with master volume, master tone and 3-way pickup selector. Like all Custom Shop instruments, you can order your Ultra V7 by choosing from dozens of options, including exotic woods, finishes and hardware.

But we haven’t stopped there! The 6-string Ultra V has been given a facelift, as well. It now has our 3 X 3 pointed headstock standard, and sports the Kiesel logo. Like the Ultra V7, the Ultra V is now equipped with Kiesel Passive Lithium Series humbuckers standard, and the Hipshot™ bridge is available as an option, along with a Floyd Rose tremolo. Both models now have the input jack located on the inside of the lower horn.

No matter what your playing style is, your level of experience, or your personal tastes, the Kiesel Guitars Custom Shop can build you an Ultra V or Ultra V7 that will become your go-to guitar, and will serve you for many years to come. And with our 10-day, in home no risk trial period and 5 year warranty, you have nothing to lose. Head over to today, and design your new V guitar!

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Kiesel Ultra V7 7-String Guitar, Kiesel Ultra V Guitar

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