New McLaren Yellow Custom Shop Finish

Carvin Guitars McLaren Yellow FinishThe Custom Shop is excited to announce a new standard solid finish, McLaren Yellow! For a number of years, players have asked us for an opaque yellow similar to what was offered in the late 1980s and early 1990s, and after testing an assortment of different yellows, we think this is the one that looks the best. It’s a bright yellow, similar to what is used on the exotic sports car it's named after.

This is a standard no-charge finish, available on any plain-top Custom Shop guitar or bass, such as the CT3M carved-top guitar and PB4 classic bass shown. Looks especially good with black hardware, and an optional Black Gloss Back finish will really carry over the sports car theme.

The Carvin Guitars Custom Shop offers dozens of finish choices, including standard solid colors, optional translucent and pearl stains along with metallic solid colors, and our exclusive deep finishes which are used on our premium flamed and quilted maple top woods. Whether you prefer traditional finishes like Jet Black, Classic White or Vintage Cream, or lean towards something more exotic like Deep Dragonburst, Deep Lava or Deep Nightburst, the Custom Shop has you covered. You can also choose high-gloss clear or matte satin clear topcoats to achieve the look you want.

In addition, the Custom Shop can also work with you on special one-off finishes – check out our Kiesel Guitars Facebook and Kiesel Guitars Instagram to see some amazing examples of the custom finish work we've done. From the understated to the completely over-the-top, the skilled artists of Carvin Guitars can build your ultimate guitar or bass.

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