New Osiris Series Doubleneck Guitars

Kiesel Osiris Series Doubleneck GuitarsFor the first time in more than two decades, Kiesel Guitars is offering a production doubleneck! 

On the heels of the debut of the new Osiris Series guitars and basses, which debuted at NAMM, the Custom Shop is excited to return to doublenecks, something Kiesel was well-known for from the 1950s through the final models of the mid-1990s. However, the new Osiris doublenecks are unlike any production model to come out of the Custom Shop. Most obviously, it’s a headless model. This significantly helps solve the one problem almost all doublenecks suffer from: being neck-heavy. By using a headless model, neck dive and that “shoulder-heavy” feeling are eliminated, making for a comfortable instrument that can be played for extended, fatigue-free sessions.

Next, the Osiris doublenecks can be ordered in any combination of guitar necks: 6, 7 or 8 sting standard; and 6, 7, or 8 string multiscale. So, you can order a 6-multiscale and 6-standard, an 8-multiscale and 7-standard, a 6-multiscale and 8-multiscale, and so on. You can have a multiscale neck on top or on bottom, or both; or have standard-scale necks on both. You can also add a Kiesel/Hipshot tremolo on a bottom, standard scale neck. 

Of course, you can also choose from Kiesel’s complete selection of Custom Shop options, including exotic woods; finishes from standard solid colors to optional metallic or translucent finishes, even our new Crackle Finishes, fretwire and inlays, and more.

Because of the level of customization available, orders are only taken by calling out helpful phone sales staff at (858) 484-8277.

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