New Solo Series Standard & Multiscale Guitars

Kiesel Guitars Solo Series Standard and Multiscale GuitarsThe Kiesel Guitars USA Custom Shop is excited to debut our newest guitar series, the Solo Series standard and multiscale bolt-neck guitars. These guitars are based on the popular TL60 and TL70 neck-through models, but with bolt-on neck construction, and in 6, 7 and 8 string models with both standard scale and multiscale fingerboards. All models feature our new sculpted neck heel, with 4 bolt ferrules versus a more cumbersome metal neck plate.

The standard scale S6, S7 & S8 Solo models are available with a standard Hipshot™ hardtail bridge, or our new Kiesel-designed Hipshot™ tremolo. The 6 and 7-string versions are also available with a Floyd Rose tremolo. The multiscale SM6, SM7 & SM8 versions have standard Hipshot™ Solo saddles.

All models have dual Kiesel Lithium humbuckers standard, with master volume, master tone, and 5-way lever-style pickup selector. Each model has optional pickup configurations, including dual Lithium single-coils (SS), triple Lithium single coils (SSS), and single Lithium humbucker/dual Lithium single coils (HSS). All models also have the option for a center-position Lithium single coil (CAP), for use in conjunction with dual humbuckers, for an H-S-H configuration.

Like all Kiesel Custom Shop instruments, you can order your new Solo guitar with a complete host of options, including exotic body, neck and fingerboard woods, inlay shapes and materials, finishes, fretwire, and much more. You can order your Kiesel Solo to perfectly suit your personal tastes and playing style, regardless of whether you prefer understated classic looks, or something completely over-the-top.

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