New Vanquish Multiscale 4 and 5 String Bass Guitars

vm59kKiesel Guitars is excited to announce the new Vanquish VM49K 4-string and VM59K 5-string multiscale basses! The Vanquish VM49K and VM59K multiscales are the Custom Shop’s first multiscale bass instruments, and were created in response to many customer requests following the introduction of the very successful Aries, Vader, DCM and 70th Anniversary multiscale guitars. The advantage of a multiscale bass over a traditional instrument is that the lower strings have a greater string tension thanks to the longer 35.5" (VM49K) and 36″ (VM59K) scale lengths found on that side of the fretboard, while allowing faster playing on the treble side, which has a more traditional 34″ scale. However, because of the different gauges of strings used in conjunction with the varying scale length, the lower strings will produce more defined sounds, and the entire instrument will produce more consistent tone. Therefore, the VM49K and VM59K combines the best qualities of an extended-scale instrument with the qualities of a standard-scale bass, and will allow you to take your playing in an entirely new direction.

The VM49K and VM59K share many features with the other Vanquish Series basses, including an alder body with Eastern hardrock maple neck, ebony fingerboard, Kiesel Radium radiused-top humbuckers, and 18V active/passive electronics. As on all Kiesel Guitars instruments, you can choose from a wide selection of Custom Shop options, including body and neck woods; exotic top woods; standard solid and optional translucent, flamed and quilted finishes; fingerboard woods; inlays, hardware finish and much more.

For a limited introductory time, we're offering the VM49K and VM59K with an additional $100 discount – this won't last, though, so get yours ordered today!

Order your new Vanquish VM49K or VM59K bass, and see why guitarists have been raving about Kiesel Guitars' multiscale instruments. No matter what your playing style, genre, or personal tastes are, the Kiesel Guitars USA Custom Shop can build you a bass that you'll be thrilled to play and own, all in about 10 weeks, and at a direct price that simply cannot be beat. If you've been thinking about a new guitar or bass, we encourage you to check out the many examples of the instruments we've built on our official Facebook or Instagram pages, and visit or call us at (858) GUITARS to design and order your dream instrument.

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