New Zeus Series Standard & Multiscale Headless Guitars and Basses

Kiesel Zeus Series Guitars and BassesTo kick off 2018 the right way, Kiesel Guitars is proud to introduce our newest series of headless guitars and basses, the Zeus Series. Available in 6, 7 and 8 string standard and multiscale guitar models, as well as 4, 5 and 6 string bass models, the Zeus Series combine some of the most popular features of other Kiesel instruments, into one design.

The Zeus Series feature a beveled body, reminiscent of the SCB Series guitars. The top bevel not only looks great, but makes playing very comfortable. The body itself is similar in size to the Vader Series, but the new shape allows the tuners on the Kiesel/Hipshot bridge to be protected from accidental bumping, as they are recessed into the body.

Unlike the Holdsworth, Vader and Letchford headless models, the Zeus Series has a bolt-on Eastern hardrock maple neck. Many players prefer the tone and articulation of a bolt-on neck, especially on bass guitars; the trade-off for this has always been a “clunky” neck heel, but like all Kiesel Guitars bolt-neck instruments, the Zeus has a minimal, sculpted neck heel that allows easy access high on the fingerboard. As on all Kiesel Custom Shop instruments, a whole host of options can be selected for your new Zeus, including the Hipshot/Kiesel tremolo on the 6, 7 and 8 string standard scale guitar models.

Most Zeus models are online and ready to order today. The remaining ones will be added in the coming days. For those models, call our helpful and friendly sales staff a call today at 858-484-8277 (858-GUITARS), and get your order in for a new Zeus Series instrument!

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