Vanquish Basses Rebadged Under the Kiesel Brand with an Improved Neck Heel

Kiesel Vanquish BassesIn addition to the recently rebadged California Carved Top models, Vanquish Series basses now also carry the Kiesel headstock logo standard. Like other Kiesel models, you can choose white or black logos at no charge, or optional gold metallic, silver, and even add a drop shadow on any available logo.

Additionally, the neck heel on all Vanquish basses as been modified to be more like the Aries Series guitars. The metal neck plate is gone; replaced with recessed bolts, which shave a small amount of weight off, as well as make our sculpted neck heel even more comfortable to play. Vanquish basses will still have 5 bolts, ensure a strong, stable neck joint.

The Vanquish Series are Kiesel Guitars premiere bolt-neck bass models, with a unique style, amazing tone from our radiused Radium humbucker pickups, and options that allow you to design your new Vanquish to be perfectly suited to your personal tastes. Whether you choose a V49K 4-string, V59K 5-string, V69K 6-string, or our Roy Vogt Signature RV69K 6-string, you’ll love everything about your new Vanquish Series bass. All Kiesel instruments are made by our skilled craftsmen at our southern California Custom Shop from premium quality materials, with the highest possible tolerances and unsurpassed attention to detail.

Visit today, and check out all the Carvin and Kiesel guitars and basses. Made in the USA quality, the highest quality components and unbeatable direct prices make these the best instruments available on the market today – order yours and see for yourself!

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