Gus Montalvo Burlington, WA
"I have owned many guitars and other instruments over the years and I know what to look for in a guitar. When I was putting together my home studio, and since I don't have a lot of room to spare, I was looking for a guitar that would sound good in any style of music. My friend had just purchased a custom DC127 that he needed to "get rid of" because of personal issues. I decided to try it and immediately fell in love. From the lush colors, to the abalone inlays, to playability to sound; Carvin scored an 11 in the scale from 1 to 10. My guitar was virtually new and I got the deal of a lifetime when I bought it. Every where I perform I get asked about "the gorgeous guitar that sounds equally gorgeous".

I am so impressed with Carvin quality that I have continued to purchased Carvin brand items and accessories. And as I put my band together, the Carvin name will be seen at every place we perform. Thank you for proving that you can still make affordable, quality products that are Made in the USA."

Nick Pascarella
"I've played PRS, Gibson, Fender, Schecter, and with the exception of John Petrucci's guitar itself, this is the finest playing instrument I've ever played. Two thumbs up for the action and playability, and for achieving the sound of a Strat AND a Gibson in the same guitar. Not to mention the 24 easy-as-pie-to-get-to frets. Congratulations for making believer out of me. "

Dean Williamstown, MA
"I would like to say that I had not played a Carvin in years and found one in a local music store. A DC127 with the stock trim, with a few scratches. It was priced accordingly, less than the new price so I figured I would check it out. I was totally blown away. There were other guitars with similiar features in the store selling for over three times the price of a new Carvin. They were in no way as good in terms of both playability and tone as my new Carvin here. The stock pickups and the alder body sound great together. The coil taps also work nicely and do not sound overly bright when tapped. I cannot believe I did not pay a minimum of $2000 for this guitar. The neck is perfect, which is rare even when you spend large sums of money on a guitar."

chris huth Graham, Wa
"I have done 3 years of research to find the perfect guitar. I am lucky enough to have a job where cost is not a problem. Carvin has made me this perfect guitar! it has exceeded my best expectations, the quality of workmanship and care that went into this work of art makes me want to play even more than I do now. I have alot of music buddies and I WILL say "check this guitar out". Thank you very much Carvin Chris Huth"

Brian Shaw Lockport, Illinois
"What a Great Guitar!! Far exceeded my expectations.These guitars definately live up to the hype. I've been searching for a guitar for years after researching all different brands I finally decided to try a Carvin. All those wasted years! I finally found the guitar I've been dreaming about. Thanks Carvin!"

Ken Bennett USA
"Just got my new guitar this afternoon and all I can say is WOW. It's even better than I hoped for both looks and playability. The tung-oiled 5 piece neck is unbelievably smooth and fast and the action is perfect. I'm just glad I don't have to go in to work tomorrow since I might be up playing all night. This is by far the highest quality guitar I've got and it cost about half what a few of mine did. This baby makes me realize just how badly setup most guitars really are and how we just get used to it. I just wish I'd bought one of these sooner. Big thanks to Mike for helping me choose the best options ( Love that 5 piece neck!) and thanks to everyone who made this amazing work of art."

Joacim Sweden
"Best guitar ever! I have used it every day since 2005. Never failed on a gig, best neck-thru construction Ive ever seen! I compare this guitar with my other guitars, an ESP custom strat and a MusicMan EVH axis! That tells a lot about this instrument! Good work!"

Will Wright U.S. Miltary stationed in Germany
"Outstanding in every aspect, The DC127 represents everything I have ever wanted in a Guitar. Fit and finish are excellent. I only wish you guys shipped to APO addresses."

Force Florida
"I have owned my quilt top mahogony body DC127 for over a year now, and I can say enthusiastically that this is the best playing, best sounding guitar I have ever owned, and I have owned a Les Paul, Jackson Soloist, Fender Strats and more. The quality, fit, finish and tone of my DC127 is without a doubt every bit as good or better in every category. I am extremely happy with my choice of the Carvin guitar."

michael estrumse alabama
"I just got my carvin dc127. I own a fender 50th strat and I play my friends les paul standard every other day, I enjoy both of these guitars of course, but this is by far the most incredible guitar I have ever touched in my life. I seriously cant believe it wow!! Thanks alot guys its awesome ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE I seriously cant believe that I payed more for my strat!! I will never EVER buy another brand!! and I am serious!!"

Matt Lange Chicago
"I bought a DC127 series guitar and I loved it so much I bought 3 more!!!! These are by far the best guitars I have ever played in my 22 years of playing. Keep up the good work!!"

Casey Berg Yakima, WA
"I've had my DC127 for nearly a decade now and am still excited to play it. I've tried many other brands, but no guitar has felt so perfect in my hands and performed so reliably. I can't wait to order another one in the near future."

Sam Dobkins USA
"Hey guys, my DC127 arrived other day and I'd like to let you know I was BLOWN AWAY. This is by far the best instrument I have ever set my hands or eyes on, and I can't put it down. The quilted finish under the classic sunburst is perfect with the black hardware, and don't even get me started on how much I love the quality of this instrument. The Floyd Rose goes down and back a million times and keeps perfect tune the whole time. At first I was bummed because someone forgot to send me the engraved truss rod cover, but the next day, right when I was about to send an email about it, the cover arrived through priority mail. I'm impressed that you took the initiative to send it right away, without waiting. The customer service was also extremely friendly and helpful as I ordered the guitar over the phone. All in all I must say that I just want to buy more of your guitars, and will never buy from another company again. Thank you so much!"

Rob Kramer Columbus, OH
"I just received my DC127T and I am amazed. I was real cynical about getting this guitar at first; it seems like you never get what you pay for these days so I was expecting to be disappointed. Well, when I opened the case my first thought was "Wow! That is one beautiful guitar!" Then I played it. Right out of the box it felt like a dream; the action was great, the frets were perfect and it was very close to being in tune! Then I plugged it into my Nomad. It sounded amazing! From crystal clean to very heavy distortion every note rang clear with incredible sustain and definition. This guitar would be a bargain at $1500; at less than $1000 I keep expecting the police to show up and charge me with larceny!"

Patrick Comeaux Broussard, LA
"I was a bit apprehensive about ordering a custom-built guitar, without playing it first. When I received it and opened the case, I was almost speechless. After installing my strings of choice, it sounded like a dream. I am impressed beyond what my anticipation could ever have imagined. The sales experience was impressive, and the wait well worth it. Congratulations on building such a fine piece of art. I look forward to many years of playing this jewel."

James Clemer Houston, Tx
"My carvin DC127 (chrome hardware, wilkinson trem, natural finish, coil taps) is a beautiful instrument. It has a great neck, tone to die for, and can handle anything from jazz to hard rock. Carvin guitars are definitely worth it and are a great price."

Luke Price Nowata, OK
"I have had my DC127 for 4 years now and it still looks and plays as well as it did when I bought it. I went from a starter guitar to this one and let me tell you there was a HUGE differance in playability and action that this guitar has. It is so easy to play compared to many others that I have played the pick ups pick up the slightest vibration in the strings which give you great sustain at least with the through the body bridge that I have. I have a roommate that did alot of recording and whenever he wanted to record he asked me if he could barrow my DC127 because he liked the sound so much better than his Fender. I cannot say enough good things about this guitar I love it. It is worth every penny. I am currently looking at purchasing a bass now and I am not even going to go with a different brand due to how much I love my DC127. Keep up the great work Carvin."

Russell Weston Los Angeles, CA
"Thank you Carvin, for an outstanding build. As has been told many times before,when I opened the case, it was even better than I hoped. The deep teal quilt with blackburst looks ridiculously awesome. I purposely chose alder for the body as I have always had mahogany bodies, and wanted more of that chiming high-end. the s22 pickups sound terrific, complemented by the gold hardware. thanks for a fantastic playing and sounding instrument. Again, you give the most bang for the buck..."

Ernie Zahn Redondo Beach, CA
"I have to say, purchasing the DC127 has spoiled me. I needed a cheep guitar for a backup, so I went to the local music store and tried a bunch of less expesive guitars. I put each one back on the shelf in less than 10 seconds. The neck on the Carvin guitars it so perfect to me that now nothing else will do. I will just have to save up some extra cash and get another DC127, there is no other option."

Kevin 'Kevlar' Galloway Pocatello, ID
"My wife is extremely jealous of my new Carvin. She tells me how my guitars are my mistresses. As she would say, Carvela is one of the most wonderful and beautiful "mistresses" I've ever had. She plays and sounds better than any of my other guitars which include my Les Paul, Jackson, and BC Rich. The action on this guitar is the best I've ever felt. The Dragonburst finish and the abalone inlays make this guitar stand-out above all of the others.

Thank-you CARVIN for making such an outstanding guitar for the price any musician can afford!

My DC127 came from Carvin Heaven!"

Scott Jones Illinois
"Just received my DC127 and to say I am blown away would be an uderstatement. This is my 2nd Carvin (I also have a DC400), however this one is really special. From the fit, finish, hardware, tone and playability I just can't say how thrilled I am with this instrument. After 30 years of playing I have finally found the perfect guitar. Carvin is truly the best in both quality and value."

Nathan Kawa North Carolina
"Before I decided to order my Carvin DC 127 I had never knowingly seen or heard a Carvin guitar in my life. I've played many kinds of guitars for many years and I am now a solid Carvin fan. The DC127 sounds and feels GREAT, so much so that it will be my exclusive for recording, unless of course it shares time with another Carvin guitar! I can't wait to use it live. Absolute versatility with this gem of an instrument! Can't wait to increase my Carvin collection!"

Barry Duncan Las Vegas, NV
"I have owned some mighty nice Gibsons and other axes over the years, but had drooled and dreamed about a Carvin for a while now. I finally placed my order and waited patiently (not!) for my new DC127, Copperhead Metallic with diamond inlays and black hardware, to arrive. Amazing neck, sweet action, awesome pickups, and stunningly beautiful - this is simply the FINEST guitar I have ever owned! This instrument truly SINGS - and makes me want to play everyday - Thanks Carvin."

Brent Wisdom California
"Purchased in Dec of 1994 got it January 1995 and it has been one of the single most best investments that I have made as a musician. I play metal so this thing is black on black. The action is slammed the M22SD screams, and the REAL FLOYD makes all the difference in the world. Dive bombs for days and the Sperzels keeps it in tune without a locking nut. What more could you ask for. A shredding machine!!!"

Chad USA
"It's beautiful! Everything that I expected from Carvin. I'm totally blown away by the range of tones this thing can kick out. Very versatile. To be honest, I didn't expect much from the coil splitters. These pups are amazing, very good tones even in single coil mode; all with outstanding definition. The neck heel has changed since 1990, it feels great. Of course the craftsmanship is perfect. This baby will definitely stand out in the crowd. I'm very pleased with all the other options I chose, the 14" radius is much easier to chord than I thought it would be. Everything is perfect. Just need a V3M to go with it......maybe in a few months. Thanks for the great service."

Michael Thompson Mountain View, CA
"There is no doubt that that guitars are the best built most playable guitars built. I custom ordered mine over 20 years ago and it still plays like a dream. I recently purchased another name brand USA made guitar and it plays well but not as nearly as good as my 20 year Carvin. The best thing is that my Carvin just seems to get better with age. Now if I could only trade my new guitar for a new Carvin."

David B Rochester, NY
"I have owned my DC127 for 16 years and this guitar blows away every other guitar that I play. It never goes out of tune and the Floyd Rose is excellent. I have gold hardware and my friends love the way this guitar sounds through any type of amplifier. This guitar blows away every Les Paul that I have compared it to."

Doug Owen USA
"Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that I received my Dragonburst DC127 yesterday, a full week ahead of schedule! Thanks for the rush! This thing is AWESOME! Perfect flame top, awesome finish, great workmanship! I can't say enough good things about the guitar. You guys have outdone yourselves. Thanks again, I appreciate the help!"

Kirby Hamill Fort Collins, CO
"This instrument was far better than I could have imagined. The way Carvin makes their guitars is massively unparalleled by any other guitar or brand I've ever played. The way the necks are built into the guitar is phenomenal! They're built in like they're all one piece; body and neck together, even if they're completely different woods. I got mine with a Koa body and maple neck, and they feel like it's one solid piece of wood, with a very nice smooth heel. As far as sound is concerned, it's the same thing; nothing I've ever played sounds better. The S22 covered pickups are more versatile than I would've thought for jazz pickups, and coupled with a piezo bridge, you have a GREAT all around clean sound. The piezo is one of the best I've ever heard, delivering a beautiful solid acoustic tone. The look is great as well. I put a blueburst on a Mahogany top and I am stunned. The wood shows through while remaining subtle and the burst edge is just perfect. I would definitely recommend a DC127 to anyone who is an avid player."

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