Walter L Mamaluy Philadelphia
"I'm amazed at the quality of this instrument. I was going to take advantage of the liberal return policy if I was not completely satisfied, but I must admit, I'm blown away. I've had my IC4 going on 5 months now, and every time I play it, i'm a little more impressed. I often catch myself staring at the highly figured walnut. The active electronics make my old amp sound twice as good, and I'm able to sculpt the exact tone I desire. This was the most satisfying purchase I've made in a long time, musically or otherwise."

Peter Andersen Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
"I received my 4 string Icon a few weeks ago. I’d never tried one previously but knew within a few minutes of playing it that it had the tone and feel I was looking for. Can’t find a thing wrong with the craftsmanship. The high gloss finish and rounded body edges feel smooth. A nice touch is the thin layer of black wood between the alder body and flamed maple top. It balances nicely, and is fairly light.

The tone is excellent – a piano type ring with nice sustain and plenty of versatility. It sounds great plucked or slapped. You folks at Carvin need to put up some sound clips in the Jam room so the bass world can hear how good the new electronics are! One thing for players to be aware of: like other high-end basses, the electronics will “tattle” on you if your technique is sloppy. This is not a criticism (I’ve heard that a Stradivarius will do the same thing!).

I hope Carvin sells a ton of these fine basses."

Earl Makinen Minnesota

What‘s next guys? The new Icon bass looks killer, the California Carved Top looks awesome, the new V3 amp has me intrigued as does the TRX speakers! Keep it up!"

Kenneth Burgner Delray Beach, Florida, USA
"Just got my IC4WF fretless and all I can say is WOW!! The figured walnut on this bass is the most beautiful I have ever seen. It will make a real nice companion to my LB70E Elite!

I really like the shape and the balance of this new Icon. The workmanship is nothing less then I would expect from a Carvin instrument...flawless. Although I am still learning the controls of this new bass, I am floored by the growl and punch this bass gets. By far the best sounding fretless I have owned. The lined ebony fretboard is a pleasure to play on.

Thank you Carvin for a job well done!!"

Paul Reagan Allentown Pa
"The Icon 4 string I have is my second bass from Carvin. I also have a L70P bass, My expectations were far exceded with the Icon. It has a completely different sound than the L70P, given the pickups and electronics. Other bass players who have played it all said the same thing. Let me know if you want to sell it. That is the best compliment there is. Thanks guys"

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