Curt Scheibel Page, (Lake Powell) Arizona
"After impatiently waiting for my ICON-5 it absolutely took my breath away when I opened the case!! I have an LB-70P and an AC-40 which are gorgeous in their own right but this ICON surpasses them and then some! Fit, finish, feel and playability are incredible! The tones eminating from those soap bars will suck the air out of your lungs when ya crank it up!!"

Brent Wallwork Auckland New Zealand
"I have used Ibanez for over 20 years . Last week I purchased a new IC5 just in time for a weekend playout based on the recommendation of a fellow musicians. What a difference! With plenty of amplification, it readily produced a beautiful warm tone, Great action and a fantastic finish. well done Carvin."

William B Sherman Helper Utah
"After a long wait, I received my new Icon5 just in time for a weekend gig. It was absolutely worth the wait. The finish is killer. The action is great. The active P Series pickup system is very functional, Each tone can be easily dialed in and are amazingly clean and powerful. It instantly passed the Ibanez and the Stingray as my #1 Bass. Thank you for a great product, its worth every Penny."

joel chandler vacaville california
"WOW!! I just bought my Icon-5 and all I can say is, pictures in the catalog dont do it justice!! Its the most beautiful bass I have ever seen and the sound is even better.

I also have the BX1200 amp and BRX 4x10 neo cab and 1x18 sub. This has got to be the best sounding set-up Ive ever heard. Kudos to Icon basses and Carvin!"

Mario Leonard Birmingham, AL
"I ordered a IC5W with a swamp ash body, claro walnut top, maple/walnut neck and a rosewood board and man I must say that this bass is absolutely beautiful! I pulled it out of the box and was amazed because the fit, feel and finish was just as good as basses costing 3 times as much, GREAT JOB CARVIN! My only complaint, if you can call it that, is I should have ordered the P series electronics instead of the standard electronics."

Robert Fox Ft. Lauderdale, FL
"I ordered an IC5W and WOW what an awesome bass! Everyone that looks at it or plays it has been as impressed as I was. The sound is great and can be adjusted to be used on any style music you elect. If you have never played or owned a CARVIN BASS do yourself a favor you will never regret it. I am about to order a Carvin amp and another bass as a backup."

Bryan Barnes Greenville, OH
"I have been playing bass as a hobby for over 40 years. I have owned, built, or rebuilt around 18 basses. In my collection I have had Fender, Gibson, Alembic, Tobias, Warmoth, Ibanez, Peavey, and others. I had played Carvin basses owned by others as early as 1974. I was always impressed by them. I recently purchased my first Carvin, an IC5W 5-string. I can honestly say that the quality, fit, finish, sound, and playability is equal to the basses I have owned that cost 2 to 4 times as much. The action is the lowest I've ever had without buzz. It is as close to an Alembic as you can get and every bit as beautiful. I wished I would have bought one a long time ago."

Steve Tracy Davenport, IA
"I've had my Icon 5-string (IC5W) for over two years now and I'm still in awe every time I play it. It was - until just a few moments ago - my only bass. That says a lot, considering that I've been gigging for over 35 years. I just ordered an IC6WF (fretless 6-string Icon) because one Icon is not enough! Considering the incredible tone I get from these soapbar pickups, I can't wait to hear the tone from the 6-string fretless!

Many of the Icon reviews you read here are from people who just received their new Icon. Mine is one that is gigged 3-4 times per month on average. It still looks as incredible as it did the day I received it. I've never had an issue with it and I regularly get very positive comments from other players who ask about it. I push it through a Carvin BRX1500 head with a BRX 4.10 Neo bottom, which pushes that gorgeous Icon tone out powerfully and without coloration -- so bandmates and audience alike get to hear it in its full glory.

If you're on the fence about whether or not to get an Icon, please - for your own sake - don't be there! After all, barbed wire makes such an uncomfortable seat and it's so good to be on this side of the fence!! I'm a working musician not a Carvin salesperson but I'm happy to give praise to a high-quality product that's such a great value."

Matt Keros Michigan
"I had to wait a while to get this bass built, but when it showed up I was in heaven. I was playing a Ibanez SR500 which I thought was a nice bass, but it is not even close to my IC5. The sound, the feel, the electronics, and not to mention the look of this bass is awsome. At this time I cant see needing another bass ever, unless i get really good and need a IC6 :)"

Joe LaFreniere Rhode Island
"Just wanted to say big bonus points for the guys in the design of this incredible piece of art! This is my fourth bass from you and I will say that it can't be beat. The new soapbar pickups have a complete rounded sound, deep lows, a subtle mid, and a huge snap for the highs. The look is gorgeous! I got the tung-oil finish with gold hardware and the maple neck with walnut stripes. Compared to my LB75 with the Alnico pickup, which has a huge bottom end, this one has more brighter tone. A customer for life, thanks again for the years of great work!"

Kenneth Lyon USA
"What I love the most of the bass is the piezos because they add more "air" or "presence" to my tone. I use some distortion and having the piezos gives more "grit", "growl" and "meat". I love the look, the build quality, the heel of the neck-thru, the reverse headstock, and the amazing tone of a flame maple fingerboard with a swamp ash body. I want to thank you and your team who build it in making an amazing instrument and I will keep in touch for future purchases. :)"

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