Matt Garcia VA
"I've had a good deal of experience with headless guitars over the years (most recently, over the last 2 years I've owned a .strandberg* CL7, Boden 6, OS7, OS8 and Singularity 7 as well as the Kiesel Vader 6 and 7 and finally Vader Multiscale 7... yeah, I dig headless guitars! :p) and my latest acquisition was an absolutely gorgeous In-Stock VM7. The specs on mine include a Buckeye Burl top, swamp ash body sides (solid, no chambering), plain maple neck, royal ebony fretboard and medium jumbo Evo gold frets.

The guitar is SUPER comfortable to play! One of the first things I noticed was that the fan used on the VM7 is very easy to adjust to, typically the wider the fan the more noticeable it tends to be when you first pick up the instrument. I've let friends jam on my VM7 and they also commented how little they noticed the fan (other than tonally having a solid low B thanks to the fan) when they first played it. The neck carve is also wonderful on these as I don't like the thin necks like the Ibanez Wizard carve, but these are by no means fat either. Very nice compromise on the shape, no huge shoulders either so it's a really great neck carve for both riffing on comfortably and speedy leads are no problem since the neck seems to be built for both comfort and speed.

Tonally I enjoy swamp ash paired with maple on ERGs as the low notes tend to be fairly tight and defined, so that combo obviously works well on this guitar. The higher gain tone is bright but not harsh, and the cleans are actually gorgeous (especially split coil). Speaking of which, the stock Lithium pickups work surprisingly well in this guitar! I've had them in a few of my more recent Kiesel builds and they've been pretty good overall, but for some reason this one sounds substantially better than the others.

The guitar is still very light with swamp ash even without the chambering, although you might not be able to count on that if you use a heavier body/neck wood combo. The VM7 shape balances very well and I've enjoyed playing mine both sitting and standing. I have a chambered V7 that is black limba for the neck and swamp ash for the body with a maple top, but these two are almost the same weight!

Overall, I've had mine for a few months now and I'm still loving it! It's different from my other headless guitars, I really dig my .strandberg* guitars too but my VM7 is currently my go-to headless for the time being. That may change as I like to rotate through my guitars to ensure they're all getting played, but recently my Vader Multiscale is one of my absolute favorites! I know some folks have had some QC hiccups on their builds, but I can honestly say (and I'm pretty darn picky! haha) that this one showed up flawless! Kudos to Jeff and co., they're putting out some solid stuff these days!"

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