Joshua MN
"While this 3-way switch may look different than your stock Les Paul (and similar) switch, it should still fit the Standard LP-style circular body cavity just fine. It fits my Parker PM-20 just fine. Not to plug for Parker on Carvin's website. That's just for informational purposes. Also, it's a little easier (than the stock LP-style switch) to figure out which wire goes where at a glance. This switch is a shiny gold as it appears in the picture (not satin or matte gold) and is not excessively noisy in the least. As a matter of fact, I haven't noticed any "switchy" noise. Only the expected variations in tone caused by switching pickups are noticeable. If you're a "Do-it-Yourself" hobby guitar-builder/repairman, this is a fair price for a decent switch in gold (or black or chrome)."

Joshua Wisconsin
"This a follow up review. I installed this pickup switch as part of an electronics upgrade on a Parker Pm-20 a few years ago. It's still working great, still even and solid, very little excess wiggle in the switch. I took a chance on Carvin's replacement parts and I was NOT disappointed. Excellent quality, tone, and durability."

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