Icon Logo The Icon has a body made from alder, which is a high-quality tone wood used by many manufacturers because of its relative light weight and and fine resonating tone. Alder has a subtle and attractive grain that looks great whether finished or left clear. It's slightly darker in color than maple, which accentuates the IC5's maple neck. Although alder is the standard wood, optional woods such as swamp ash, maple, mahogany, walnut and koa are available, all of which have their own tonal characteristics. Exotic tops woods, such as bookmatched AAAA flamed maple, bookmatched AAAA quilted maple, figured California Claro walnut, flamed Hawaiian koa, flamed spalted maple, burled maple, purpleheart and zebrawood are also available. All of the Custom Shop's woods are carefully hand-selected and inspected to ensure your new bass will be free of natural defects.

Carvin Guitars Custom Shop Exotic Woods
The IC5 has a neck-through design, meaning the neck wood runs the entire length of the instrument. This adds definition, sustain and punch, and is extremely stable. The neck itself is maple with a high-gloss finish standard, or you can choose a tung-oil or satin finish on the back of the neck. The maple neck clarifies the overall tone of the instrument, but other neck woods, such as mahogany and koa are offered for their own slightly warmer tonal qualities. Optional 5-piece necks of different combinations of maple, walnut and koa add to the already great looks of this instrument. The neck shows through the top wood, or you can choose the neck not to show on the top or not. Each neck goes through an exclusive several week long conditioning process which maximizes the stability of the neck forever. Two high-strength carbon-fiber reinforcing rods are placed in all bass necks along with a very stout and reliable easy to adjust dual action truss rod. The Icon-style headstock is also finished to match. A think black wood layer between the neck wood and headstock wood matches the body. A metallic gold Kiesel headstock logo adds just the right touch of class.

A 34" scale ebony fingerboard with white pearl dot inlays, a 14" radius and 24 medium-jumbo stainless steel frets is standard. The Custom Shop offers more fingerboard options than most manufacturers offer for their entire bass lines. You can choose from rosewood, maple, birdseye maple, flamed maple or zebrawood fingerboards; dot, diamond or block inlays in mother-of-pearl or genuine abalone along with diamonds or blocks in black acrylic; and fingerboard radii of 10" or 12". Kiesel Guitars also offers a number of fretwire options, including jumbo, low-wide and gold EVO in various sizes. For the fretless player, you can choose an unlined ebony fingerboard, or an ebony fingerboard with white inlaid lines and with or without dot position markers. All fretless necks have small position markers on the side of the fingerboard. The "Rapid Play" low action neck assures effortless playability throughout the entire fingerboard, while the smooth neck heel allows easy access all the way up to the 24th fret.

A Hipshot™ A-style bridge with strings fed through the body is standard. Carvin Guitars has used an assortment of bridges throughout the years, and we've found the Hipshot to be one of the best available. This bridge provides deep punch and definition, and has individual side-to-side string adjustment which allows you to custom-tailor the playability of your bass. The Hipshot bridge allows you feed the strings through the body (standard), or top load the strings. The Icon comes equipped with medium-light roundwound strings, and you can also choose flatwounds or medium-light stainless steel strings. Premium tuners have an extra-fine 20:1 ratio, and are silky smooth and durable. You can also add a Hipshot bass detuner on the E string, which allows you to drop the tuning of the string by a half or full step at the flip of a lever. Standard hardware is chrome, and you can upgrade to gold or black.

The Icon comes equipped with a pair of Kiesel Radium KRH radiused humbuckers. These pickups have a deep, smooth bass response with excellent mid-range punch and top-end definition. Kiesel Radium KRJ radiused single coil pickups, as well as a split-coil neck pickup are also available. The 18V active/passive electronics provide unlimited headroom and super clean response to satisfy the most aggressive slappers. Controls consist of volume, pickup blend, stacked concentric bass and high frequency, stacked concentric mid frequency and sweep. The volume control doubles as a push-pull switch to select active or passive mode.

The IC5 is also offered in 4 and 6-string versions, the IC4 and IC6. The Icon IC4 and IC6 basses have the same features, construction and options of the IC5 5-string model, in 4-string and 6-string variants.