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Multiscale fanned-fret instruments have been around for quite some time, and the Kiesel Guitars Custom Shop has performed extensive R & D in creating our fanned-fret guitars. The advantage of a fanned-fret instrument over a traditional instrument is that the lower baritone strings have a greater string tension thanks to the longer scale length found on that side of the fretboard, while allowing faster playing on the treble side, which has a more traditional scale. However, because of the different gauges of strings used in conjunction with the varying scale length, the lower strings will produce more defined sounds, and the entire instrument will produce more consistent tone.

The Theos TM7 has a chambered alder body and maple bolt-on neck design, with an easy-access sculpted neck heel. Alder is a high-quality tone wood used by many manufacturers because of its relative light weight and fine resonating tone. It's slightly darker in color than maple, which compliments the TM7's standard roasted Eastern hardrock maple neck. A premium AAAA flamed maple top with natural body binding is standard, and you can select other exotic top woods, such as AAAA quilted maple, flamed koa, burled maple, flamed spalted maple, zebrawood, and California Claro walnut.

Theos Multiscale Series Sculpted Neck Heel
Theos Multiscale Series Sculpted Neck Heel
The roasted maple neck clarifies the overall tone of the instrument and looks great. 3, 5 and 7 piece necks made from woods like mahogany, walnut, limba, purpleheart and koa are offered for their own unique tonal qualities and looks. You can also choose roasted necks made from birdseye maple or flamed maple. All of our necks and fingerboards undergo a long conditioning process in our de-humidification chambers to remove any stress in the wood and prevent future warping or twisting. The dual-action, fully adjustable truss rod helps keep the neck straight and true, and allows you to set the action just the way you like it. Dual carbon-fiber rods further strengthen the neck. Unlike other Kiesel Guitars bolt neck instruments, the AM7 has 4 ferrules with bolts, versus the conventional neckplate. This creates a solid joint, reduces the size of the heel, and shaves a small amount of weight off the instrument. The standard headstock is our GT-style reverse inline design. The headstock is topped in AAAA flamed maple which matches the body finish, or you can select other woods such as AAAA quilted maple, flamed koa or any of our other exotic woods to match your top wood. The Aries Series has the Kiesel headstock logo standard, and if you want to really dress up your TM7, add our metallic gold headstock logo, silver logo or abalone logo for just the right touch of class.

The TM7 has a standard 24-fret ebony fingerboard with offset dot inlays, a 20" radius and 24 medium-jumbo stainless steel frets. The Custom Shop offers a complete selection of fingerboard options: you can choose from woods such as ebony, royal ebony, birdseye maple, flamed maple or zebrawood. Maple and zebrawood fingerboards have black dot inlays, ebony and rosewood have white pearl dot inlays; you can also choose no inlays. The Custom Shop also offers a number of fretwire options, including stainless steel and gold EVO in a variety of sizes. The "Rapid Play" low action neck assures effortless playability throughout the entire fingerboard, while the easy access sculpted neck heel allows easy access all the way up to the 24th fret.

Hipshot™ solo saddles with strings fed through the body are standard. Premium Kiesel locking tuners with a 19:1 ratio ensure you'll stay in tune no matter what your playing style is. Standard hardware is chrome, and you can upgrade to black or gold.

The TM7 comes equipped with angled direct-mount passive Kiesel Beryllium humbuckers, which are custom wound with vintage plain enamel wire that brings out the harmonically rich tone and sustain of the guitar. The pickups are angled to find the "sweet spot" on the multiscale design. Electronics consist of a master volume and master tone controls, and a 5-way blade-style pickup selector. Standard pickups have black coils, but any combination of black or cream coils are available. White coils are also offered.

Kiesel Guitars also offers standard-scale Theos models, the Theos T7. It has the same basic features and construction of the TM7, in a 7-string non-multiscale configuration. There's also a 6-string standard-scale model, the Theos T6. Both have similar features as the multiscale Theos models, and can be ordered with a complete assortment of Custom Shop options.

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