Kiesel Custom Shop Woods
The multiscale XM7 is very similar in size, weight and construction to the popular Vader VM7. It has a body made from alder, which is a high-quality tone wood used by many manufacturers because of its relative light weight and and fine resonating tone. Alder has a subtle and attractive grain that looks great in any of Kiesel Guitars' many finishes, including solid colors, translucent finishes and our metallic solid finishes. Optional chambering the body reduces the already light weight of the instrument, making the V6 comfortable to play for hours on end. Optional body woods such as mahogany, walnut and koa are available, all of which have their own tonal characteristics. You can add exotic top woods, such as AAAA flamed maple, AAAA quilted maple, flamed koa, and California Claro walnut. All of the Custom Shop's neck and fingerboard woods undergo a long conditioning process in our de-humidification chambers to remove any stress in the wood and prevent future warping or twisting, and our woods are carefully hand-selected and inspected to ensure your new V6 will be free of natural defects.

The neck of the XM7 is made from Eastern hardrock maple, and has a gloss finish standard. The neck-through design creates a smooth neck heel, allowing easy access high on the fingerboard. If you like, you can choose from many of the Custom Shop's optional woods for the neck, such as koa or mahogany, as well as an optional satin or tung-oil finish on the back.

Kiesel X-Type Multiscale Bridge
Kiesel Proprietary Headless Multiscale Bridge made by Hipshot™
The XM7 features a 25.5" treble side, 27" bass side multiscale ebony fingerboard with a 20" radius and 24 fanned medium-jumbo stainless steel frets. You can choose from a wide assortment of fingerboard options, including rosewood, maple, birdseye maple, flamed maple, royal ebony or zebrawood fingerboards. White pearl staggered offset dot inlays are standard (on the top side of the fingerboard above the 12th fret; on the bottom side of the fingerboard below the 12th fret), and our new "K" 12th fret inlay, colored acrylic inlays, Luminlay inlays, and, of course, no inlays are available. Kiesel Guitars also offers a number of fretwire options, including low-wide and gold EVO. The "Rapid Play" low action neck assures effortless playability throughout the entire fingerboard, while the lower cutaway and minimal neck heel allows easy access all the way up to the 24th fret. The fully-adjustable dual action truss rod allows you to set the action exactly the way you want it. The Dual High Modulus Carbon Fiber Rods, found in all Kiesel Guitars instruments, keep the neck stable allowing you to play your guitar, not constantly adjust it.

A proprietary Hipshot™ hardtail bridge with knob tuners is standard. The bridge is finished in matte black, for classic looks and ease of care. Standard hardware is black.

The XM7 comes equipped with our direct-mount Kiesel Lithium humbucking pickups. Standard pickup colors are black coils, with cream or white coils available. Metal pickup covers in chrome back or gold are available on standard scale models, and black or gold pickup poles are also offered. Passive electronics consist of a master volume control, and 5-way lever-style pickup selector.

Kiesel Guitars also offers the Type-X XM6, which has the same features as the XM7, with a standard 25.5" scale fingerboard. The Type-X XM8 is the 8-string Type-X variant. Standard-scale Type-X models are also available in 6 and 7-string configurations. Like the XM7, the VM6 and VM8 can be fully customized with Kiesel Guitars' complete selection of Custom Shop options.