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With the Kiesel Guitars USA Custom Shop you now have more choices than ever to create your own custom bass, with headless, multiscale, and acoustic/electric basses in 4, 5 or 6 string configurations, as well as short scale options on some models. A huge assortment of woods, finishes, fingerboards, electronics and other options allow you to design the bass perfectly suited to your playing style and genre. To enhance the tone of our basses, a variety of pickups are available including the new radiused-top single coil and humbucker models. More important than our growing list of options is our commitment to building high quality basses. The use of high quality woods and our constant improvement in manufacturing methods are an ongoing quest at Kiesel Guitars. If our Custom Shop basses were available in retail stores, you would pay up to three times more than our factory direct prices. By selling direct, Kiesel Guitars not only gives incredible value but also provides you with a direct connection to the builders, which is something you don't get when purchasing off-the-shelf retail instruments. With the best build up times in the industry along with our risk free 10-day money back guarantee, there has never been a better time to order your Kiesel Custom Shop bass.


All Kiesel bass guitars have a minimal neck heel. Neck through models have a smooth neck heel; bolt-neck models have a more sculpted neck heel with 5 recessed bolts. Each design allows for maximum access high on the fingerboard, and makes for superior playability.

Kiesel necks are available in a wide assortment of single-piece, 5-piece and 7-piece nacks, and can be finished in gloss, matte satin, or tung-oiled, depending on model. All necks have a heavy-duty two-way truss rod, and dual carbon fiber reinforcing rods for additional strength.


Kiesel Guitars uses premium ebony as the standard wood for its fingerboards on all our basses. Ebony is preferred for both fretted and fretless basses because of it's solid tone and life long durability. Other optional fingerboard woods include royal ebony, rosewood, hard rock maple, hard rock birdseye maple, flamed maple and zebrawood. The tops of our fingerboards are precision surfaced with a diamond surface grinder. This exclusive process insures a uniform thickness tolerance of less than .001" from one end of the fingerboard to the other. Whether you choose a fretless or fretted model, we guarantee that all Custom Shop basses will have string action exceeding anything you've ever played.


Kiesel Guitars uses the highest quality stainless steel fret wire by Jescar as standard equipment on most models. This medium jumbo German made fretwire is known for its extremely accurate intonation and long life. Standard fretwire dimensions are .048 tall x .103 wide.

Optional fretwires by Jescar include:
STJF stainless jumbo (.055 tall x .110 wide)
STRF stainless regular (.043 tall x .080 wide)
EVO gold (.048 tall x .103 wide)
EVOJ jumbo gold (.055 tall x .110 wide)


Custom Shop neck-though basses come with the heavy solid brass Hipshot™ A-style bridge for added deep bass punch and definition. This bridge gives individual side-to-side string spacing which allows you to custom tailor the playability of your bass. The dual design allows you the freedom to top load your strings or feed them though the body for improved sustain. Multiscale basses are equipped with adjustable Hipshot™ solo saddles. Vader headless basses are equipped with a Hipshot™ headless bridge, with bridge-mounted tuners and Kiesel's exclusive locking nut system. PB & JB basses come equipped with Kiesel Guitars locking bass bridge, which can be fed through the body or top loaded.



The J99A Alnico single coil pickup has great tonal range with a full clear bell tone. This J-bass sized pickup has moderately low output and is ultra quiet. These come standard on many Kiesel basses, and are available in black or cream.

Kiesel's H50A alnico stacked humbuckers combines the deep, powerful sound of humbucker pickups in a case that's compact and unobtrusive. These are the same physical size as the J99A pickups, and are also available in black or cream.

SCP split-coil humbuckers are available in black or cream, and can be ordered in conjunction with J99A, H50A and Kiesel Radium pickups.


Kiesel Guitars' Radium Series radiused humbuckers and single coil bass pickups have a deep smooth bass response with excellent mid range punch and top end definition. The radiused top followed the contour of the strings, providing more consistent output. These pickups are extremely versatile and serve a wide range of playing styles. Radiused-top humbuckers come standard on Icon series basses and are available (in pairs only, or with an SCP neck humbucker) on many other Kiesel models.


HB series humbucking pickups have large Alnico-5 pole pieces, which is one of the main ingredients to the fat aggressive tone of it's design. This humbucker has medium-high output. In addition to sounding great, it has an awesome industrial look. HB pickups are available as a bridge-position option in conjunction with a neck position J99A or H50A pickup on many Kiesel Guitars Custom Shop 4, 5 and 6-string basses.


Kiesel offers both standard passive as well as optional 18V active electronics. Passive electronics have a 3-knob layout, and passive electronics have a 4-knob layout (2-knob layout on single-pickup versions of the PB4 and PB5 basses).

Kiesel Bass COntrol Layout

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