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Ordering from Kiesel Guitars is easy! Our complete inventory is listed on the site - simply find the items you're interested in, and add them to the cart. Our shopping cart uses the latest technology and security to ensure your personal information is safe. You can order from with complete confidence.

See detailed shipping information here.

You are welcome to contact Kiesel Guitars at the phone number listed at the top of the page, during the hours specified. You may also use the contact forms listed in the box on the right to direct your question to a specific department.

For returns, repairs and service information, contact Kiesel Guitars using this form. A representative will contact you as soon as possible.

Kiesel Guitars will never ask for your personal information such as passwords or credit card information via email. Fake messages like these, called "phishing" messages, are becoming more popular methods on the internet for scammers trying to trick you into giving away your personal information. If you receive a message claiming to be from Kiesel Guitars asking for this type of information, DO NOT RESPOND. Please notify the webmaster so we can investigate. The same goes for other organizations - PayPal, your bank, eBay - they will never ask you to submit a password, credit card info, your Social Security number or other personal data via email. As long as you don't respond to these types of messages, your personal data will remain secure.

In short: nothing! Carvin-badged instruments and Kiesel-badged instruments are made right alongside each other at our USA Custom Shop, by the same craftsmen, using the same materials. Generally, instruments that have the Kiesel logo are newer models like the Aries and Vader, but some long-running Carvin models, such as Icon basses and Alan Holdsworth Signature guitars have been re-badged with the Kiesel logo, and other models will follow suit in the future. Kiesel models have the Kiesel headstock (or body) logo, and most guitar models have Lithium pickups standard. Any instrument with a Carvin logo, except Jason Becker 6-string models, can have a Kiesel logo in place of the Carvin logo; just select option "KL" onthe last page of the Guitar Builder. Models with the Kiesel logo cannot get a Carvin logo. Kits and necks nave no logo.

If you're looking for information on vintage Kiesel / Carvin guitars, basses, mandolins, steep guitars, amplifiers or other gear, visit

Here are some commonly asked questions regarding Carvin gear and ordering.  For more FAQs, visit the FAQ section of the forums.

Can I pay a deposit on a Custom Shop guitar or bass?

Yes.  You can pay 20% down to get your build started.  The balance must be paid in full before your new guitar or bass ships.

Does Kiesel Guitars offer lay-a-way on other gear?

No.  However, qualified applicants can finance their purchase.  For details on customer financing, click here.

Will Kiesel Guitars repair my vintage gear?

In some cases, Kiesel Guitars will refinish your vintage Custom Shop instrument or provide other service on vintage gear. Contact Kiesel Guitars using this form for rates and other information.

Is the Carvin warranty transferrable?

No. The warranty on Kiesel Guitars / Carvin Guitars Custom Shop instruments only applies to the original owner, and cannot be transferred if the gear is sold.

Can I get a Kiesel Guitars logo for my kit guitar or bass headstock?

No. To help prevent counterfeit instruments, Kiesel Guitars cannot provide headstock logos for kits.

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