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I've had my KM8 (#K022) for about 3 months now, and it's been put through all the tests: Live, Recording, Humidity, etc. This is the best guitar I have ever played. I wanted to give you some well deserved feedback.

I've had five different 8 strings since 2009. I was never fully satisfied with one. This guitar you and your team built managed to get the best of all 8 strings specs and put it in one guitar. The scale length is perfect. Thank you for going to 27.5!!! The low end is solid, tone on the 8th string is something that you just can't get from shorter scale lengths. On the shorter scale of it, this guitar absolutely plays closer to a 6 string. I feel like I haven't been able to play comfortable and great sounding chords on a guitar for years. This intonation isn't possible with a non-multi scale design. It's also the lightest 8 string I've had, my back thanks you!

I'm blown away at how much tonal territory the pickups cover. My favorite pickups used to be the Lundgren M8 and the Bare Knuckle Juggernaught. The Kiesel Lithium's are the PERFECT blend of those two pickups. It has the attack of the Lundgrens, with the clarity across all string like the Bare half the price of both companies. I will never change these pickups. The 5 way toggle has allowed me to expand my tonal pallet beyond anything I was able to do before. The thing can sound like a hollow body Tele or a Meshuggah 8 string.

I keep the guitar in a room on the 3rd floor with no windows. The heat and humidity is brutal here in NJ. The neck hasn't shifted once!!!! I used to move my main guitar to a cooler room during the summer. I left this one just to see how it would respond. SOLID.

I don't even need to get into the looks. I stare at this thing almost as much as I play it. I greatly appreciate the time you spent working on it. The top you decided on is unbelievable!! It seems like a very close cut to the first multi scale Vader you built.

I look forward to rocking this thing in the New York City metal scene. Seems like all my buddies play Vigier or Mayones. Their jaws hit the the floor when they saw this guitar.

I'll keep Kiesel posted with any videos or recordings, everything I do will be on this guitar alone. No need for anything else. First the first time in my life I feel like a guitar is totally mine. No one else in the world has it...

- Jason Volpe

Kiesel 70th Anniversary KM8 Multiscale 8-String Guitar
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