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The Vader Series headless basses are revolutionary instruments, combining an aggressive, ergonomic design with the highest quality materials and our extensive list of available options. Neck-through Vader bass guitars come with a standard 34" scale length, with an optional 30" short scale length available on some models, and available 5 & 6 string multiscale variants. You can choose from hundreds of options for your new Vader bass.
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Kiesel Vader Series Headless Basses

Vader VB4

LIST PRICE: $2,899.00
DIRECT: $1,699.00
SALE: $1,599.00

Vader VB5

LIST PRICE: $2,999.00
DIRECT: $1,749.00
SALE: $1,649.00

Vader VBM5

LIST PRICE: $3,499.00
DIRECT: $1,949.00
SALE: $1,849.00

Vader VB6

LIST PRICE: $3,099.00
DIRECT: $1,799.00
SALE: $1,699.00

Vader VBM6

LIST PRICE: $3,599.00
DIRECT: $1,999.00
SALE: $1,899.00


Kiesel Special Edition guitars and basses have more customizable options, including custom exotic woods and finishes, exclusive colored Kiesel Treated Fingerboards, custom controls and much more. Kiesel Special Editions are showcase instruments, built the way you want by our skilled luthiers. Jeff Kiesel personally oversees every Kiesel Special Edition build, and will work with you so you get the exact guitar or bass you've been dreaming of. Because of the extreme level of customization available, Kiesel Special Editions cannot be ordered online; call Kiesel Guitars at 858-GUITARS.