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    Kiesel Guitars 2023 Releases
    Kiesel Guitars 2023 Releases

    2023 Releases

    The 2023 Kiesel release line-up delivers on many of the most requested options and features over the past few years. These include a guitar rendition of the headless Thanos bass, a Floyd Rose or Evertune bridge option on the Delos, the Lyra with an optional bevel delete, and many more builder options such as Roasted Alder or Swamp Ash body woods and KTB (Kiesel Treated Board) fingerboards.

    Other specialized finish options introduced to the virtual builder include Reverse Cali Burst, Summer Ash, and Fades; brand-new solid colors consist of Solid Pink, Solid Purple, and Sky Blue. The 3-piece neck variation line-up increases with the addition of Walnut/Roasted Maple and Maple/Roasted Maple, further diversifying the already-eclectic wood combination list.

    Be sure to watch our playthroughs displaying the 2023 Kiesel releases!

    Thanos Guitar Now Available!

    The Thanos guitar was crafted after years of demand for a guitar version of the original Thanos bass model. The spin-off stands out among the headless guitar line-up due to its bold, outwardly-turning horns while maintaining the comfort, playability, and stability of a Kiesel headless instrument. Constructed with a bolt-on neck joint, the Thanos guitar is available in 6, 7, and 8 strings in either standard or multiscale.
    Thanos Guitar 6 string
    Thanos 6 String
    Thanos Guitar 6 String With Tremolo
    Thanos 6 String With Tremolo
    Thanos Guitar 7 String
    Thanos 7 String
    Thanos Guitar 8 String Multiscale
    Thanos 8 String Multiscale


    The Lyra guitar model is now available with the bevel delete option. Differring from the standard Lyra, the bevel delete version removes the top bevel while also rounding the body edges creating an entirely different aesthetic.
    Lyra 6 String With Tremolo And Bevel Delete
    Lyra With Bevel Delete
    Lyra 6 String With Tremolo
    Standard Lyra
    Lyra 7 String With Bevel Delete
    Lyra With Bevel Delete


    You asked and we listened! The Delos guitar model is now available with new bridge and pickup options. The Evertune bridge is now available in 6 and 7 strings while the Floyd Rose is now available in 6 string only. In addition, Fishman Fluence active pickups are now available the Delos and Delos Headless models.
    Delos 6 String With Floyd Rose Tremolo
    Delos With Floyd Rose Tremolo
    Delos 7 String With Evertune
    Delos with Evertune

    Virtual Builder Updates

    The following options are now available on our virtual builder. Loyal Kiesel fans will recognize some of these options as "call-in only" but can now enjoy the freedom of ordering custom builds via our virtual builder. Other options on this list are new options or options that may have only been available for a limited time.
    Aries With Yellow To Red Fade
    Fade Finishes
    Osiris With Kiesel Treated Fingerboard
    Kiesel Treated Fingerboards
    Hyperdrive with Roasted Swamp Ash Body And Top Wood
    Roasted Body Woods
    Delos rear with Evertune and 3 piece maple neck with 1 roasted maple stripe
    New 3 Piece Neck Woods
    Osiris rear with summer ash treatment
    Summer Ash Treatment
    JB200C with 80s pink purple pearl finish
    New Solid/Metallic Finishes
    Zeus with reverse california burst and translucent purple finish
    Reverse California Burst