We are extremely excited to announce our partnership with HAPPY CABLE COMPANY! Happy is a boutique custom cable company offerring cables with unmatched customization and performance.

Shred hard in four new color options equipped with one Silent Neutrik Connector! These connectors eliminate pops and unwanted noise when unplugging/plugging in your instrument on stage or in the studio.

Our vision - to maintain a crystal clear signal while providing a modern and elegant design. We feel we have achieved that goal with these cables.

Boasting the lowest capacitance wire in the industry (at 15.8pf/ft), these cables minimize tone loss and high frequency roll-off, keeping your tone in tact and true from guitar to amp.

This cable is covered with a heavy duty flexible Polyethylene Terephthalate that is extremely durable. Whether you're stomping on stage, in the studio, or even your bedroom, this cable will handle all abuse thrown at it. This cable is finished with a bold heat shrink to help you PLAY HAPPY!
The Elite Instrument Cabling
  • Extra Low Capacitance @ 15.8pF/ft
  • Oxygen Free Copper shielding
  • Robust, twist-proof and easy to reel
  • Low-loss, detailed and neutral transmission properties
  • Durable yet flexible thick PVC outer jacket
Neutrik Silent Gold Connectors
  • Prevents noise and pops when unplugging and plugging in
  • Heavy duty design to prevent loosening
  • OFC copper core for maximum conductivity
  • Gold plated for added connection reliability
  • The trusted industry standard
Heavy Duty and Flexible (PET) Braided Sleeve
  • Helps keep your cable safe from cuts, burns and smashing
  • Elegant and durable as hell
Co-Branded Heat Shrink
  • Kiesel Guitars and Happy Logos
  • Helps reduce strain and crimping
  • Bold boutique style
Each custom instrument cable is hand soldered and built in Murrieta, CA, so it may take up to 3-4 weeks to ship. Each order includes stickers and picks. We stand behind our cables completely with a lifetime warranty and satisfaction guarantee. No refunds or canceled orders.