Kiesel Guitars Swirl Finishes 2023

What Is A Swirl Finish?

Swirl finishes are done by dipping a guitar through a floating layer of paint on the surface of a liquid. Because we are submerging the body and headstock into a liquid, there are extra steps taken to ensure there is no negative impact on these parts.
These finishes are very unique and not identically repeatable even though our thorough testing and development have led us to some amazing results and consistency, these finishes will be one of a kind each time and should be looked at as more of unique art with variances of the amount of each color and pattern in each swirl done rather than identically repeatable finishes.
Our virtual guitar builder is showing you an example of these finishes done on a large piece of wood and then the virtual builder is masking off the shape of the instrument over this same large piece of swirled wood for each color example.
These finishes can have small liquid ring marks, drips, color runs, slight color variances, and pattern differences – all adding to the uniqueness of each imperfectly perfect swirl.
Each swirl finish is hand done by Jeff Kiesel and has a limited preset quantity available. At the moment, there are no plans to offer these same finishes again, so grab one of these while you can before they sell out.