Kiesel Guitars Jason Voorhees Edition

Limited Voorhees Edition

The Limited Voorhees Edition brings killer new specs to the custom shop in an all-encompassing option package. Available for a limited time, the stand-out features include a custom Voorhees White and an Arrowhead Inlay, both inspired by the iconic hockey mask. Other specs include blood red and black hardware, pickups, and parts.

Any model and configuration, excluding artist signature models, are available with the package and totals out to $400.
Dan Sugarman of Ice Nine Kills with his special edition Voorhees guitar

Dan Sugarman

Ice Nine Kills

“What's really interesting for me is my uncle was actually the only surviving member in Friday the 13th Part Two... Now later on in life, I'm actually in a band where we sing about Jason. I can't get away from this dude no matter how hard I tried and I cannot put this guitar down."
Spencer Charnas of Ice Nine Kills with his special edition Voorhees guitar

Spencer Charnas

Ice Nine Kills

“Friday The 13th is one of the most important franchises in slasher history and helped kickstart my love of over-the-top gore Fx! Honored to have this new 'Voorhees Edition Kiesel' that absolutely shreds with all the power of Jason's Machete"

Limited Edition Voorhees White

Voorhees White is a custom color that is only available with the Voorhees Package. This finish is inspired by the iconic hockey mask and is paired with a Blood Splatter finish to create a true omage to the cult classic.

voorhees mask inlay

Inspired by the iconic hockey mask, the Voorhees inlay is a custom inlay that brings a killer new look to your custom guitar. The inlay comes in a matching Blood Red and is only available with the Voorhees Package.
Other optional specs included at no charge
  • Black Hadware
  • Blood Red Painted Pickups
  • Delete Tone and Move Volume To Tone Position
  • Delete Tone Control
  • Drop Shadow Black on Silver Logo
  • Maple Fingerboard
  • Neck Pickup Delete