Kiesel Guitars X Polychrome DSP Plugin
Dynamics. Feel. Precision
For over 75 years Kiesel Guitars have redefined excellence in instrument craftsmanship, pushing boundaries and inspiring guitarists worldwide. With our combined passion for tone, playability and sonic excellence, Kiesel and PolyChrome DSP set out to blow your wildest expectations of how your guitar can sound and feel, using a single plugin.
HyperRig™ Kiesel gives you tones that cover everything from the heaviest distorted tones, breathtaking lead tones, to ultra-dynamic cleans and everything in between.
HyperRig Kiesel Plugin Standalone

Your full rig in one plugin

All of your rig essentials are now in one convenient plugin. Spanning everything from beautiful cleans to classic crunch tones to the heaviest rhythms to insane high-gain lead tones, your inspiration will never run dry.
HyperRig Kiesel Plugin Amp

The world's fastest transposer

Ready. Set. Drop! HyperTune™ - a giant leap forward in transposing.

You can now transpose your guitar (and other instruments) with a response that's unlike anything you've experienced before.

HyperRig Kiesel Plugin

Presets from Kiesel Artists

Play through the exact tones our artists are using. 300+ and growing masterfully crafted presets by the Kiesel family, Kiesel artists and PolyChrome DSP.